Dr Chase Boyle

Elkhorn Chiropractor

Dr Chase Boyle grew up Portland, OR where his love and amazement for the human body first began. After attending Brigham Young University – Idaho for his undergrad in Human Biology, Dr Boyle returned to Portland and attended University of Western States. During his time at Western States he obtained both his Master of Science in Sports Medicine, and Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr Boyle grew up playing sports and has always loved the sporting world. Specializing in athlete care was the perfect way to combine his love for health care with sports.

The more Dr Boyle learned about the human body, the more he realized its amazing capacity to heal itself. As a chiropractor, he strives to provide natural pain relief without the use of drugs or invasive treatments in order to help the body heal the way it is intended to, as well as educating the community on ways to help improve their overall health and wellness. Because of his specialty in athletic care, he is well experienced with extremities such as shoulder, knee, ankle, and other sport related sprains and strains. Dr Boyle also focuses on treatments of the upper and lower spine, headaches, jaw pain, and plantar fasciitis. Dr Boyle uses many methods to treat and heal these musculoskeletal conditions, such as cupping, myofascial release, electrical stimulation, and kinesio-taping. He also enjoys and understands the importance of prenatal and pediatric care and has taken extra courses in order to expand his knowledge in these areas.

In his free time, Dr Boyle is very active with his family and church. They enjoy spending time outdoors going camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and just breathing in the fresh air. He also continues to be active in his community volunteering with local sports teams and other non-profit organizations. Dr Boyle takes great pride in educating and inspiring those around him. Dr Boyle has loved serving the people of La Vista, SW Omaha, and Waverly, and is now excited to serve the people of Elkhorn and NW Omaha.